How to Prepare Your Home

Before your painting contractor arrives, you will need to prepare your home to make it easier for the painter to do their job. Preparation is vital if you want a positive experience. The following are but a few steps you can take to ensure the painting project goes smoothly.

Move Furniture

You will need to move as much furniture out as you can manage in the room that is going to be painted. However, when dealing with larger furniture pieces, you may have to put them in the garage if you have one. When you don’t have one, put them in a different room if you can. Or failing that, just place the furniture in the middle of the room. Doing this will ensure the painter has sufficient room to move around and prevent damage from happening.

Remove Ornaments and Wall Hangings

Remove any pictures, paintings, clocks, mirrors, and any other ornaments and wall hangings that are present in another room. Wrap them up in some bubble wrap to safeguard them against breakages.

Clear Away Knick-Knacks

Also, remember to put away any knick-knacks, decorative items, or mementos you may have on shelves. Your house painter will protect any furniture present with a drop cloth or tarp before they begin the job. However, smaller items may be knocked off a shelf or broken during the project.

Vacate the Area

The time you spend in your home while it is being painted may be limited for the duration of the job. And in some instances, you might have to vacate a room or the house entirely. So you need to plan ahead and take everything you will need which may be hard to access once the painting project begins. When applicable, keep children and pets away from the work area, this will prevent them from knocking over paint, tools, and equipment. If the whole house is being painted, make accommodations elsewhere.

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