Know Why You Need Us for Our Commercial Painting Service in Lynn, MA

If the exterior of your residential or commercial property is showing signs of wear, then you may have to paint it. New coats of paint will not only make an office more appealing but also help protect it from damage. If you’ve moved into your new office space and want to make it feel more branded and welcoming, then applying a new coat of paint is the best solution! If you’re already in an existing office space in Lynn, MA but want to increase the overall productivity of your employees or give it a much-needed makeover, the same solution applies; apply a new coat of paint! Below are 3 of the reasons you should call a painting service provider from Fredy's Painting for this kind of project. Keep on reading!

Painting Service in Lynn, MA

Helps minimize rot

Wood rot is an expensive problem that you’d want to avoid. Fortunately, you’ll only have to apply a new coat of paint every few years. Painting the exterior of your office is the most efficient means of preventing moisture from getting inside the wood. By blocking the moisture, you make rot nearly impossible. Even if you’ve painted within the last year, it’s still a wise idea to look for signs of flaking. If the paint doesn’t create a protective barrier, then the wood can get wet; hence, damaging it.

Boost foot traffic

Most people tend to be more attracted to a property that looks modern and well-kept than to worn-down property. If you rely on attracting customers to your office, then your building’s exterior is the first impression you make on them. Exterior and interior paint make your business more appealing, encouraging clients to stay longer. For example, in a retail space, a new coat of paint will make your store more inviting to customers. If you own a shopping mall, a new paint job will bring your tenants’ stores more traffic.

Lowers your bills

Our exterior painting service can lower your energy bills by reflecting sunlight and keeping the interior colder. If sunlight strikes a dark color, a lot of its energy will be absorbed, and that energy turns into heat that can make your office hot. It’s the same reason you don’t want to wear a dark-colored shirt during summer. Most studies show that painting your office a light color lowers cooling costs. You can even save more by applying a light-colored roofing material, but that’s a more expensive project than just repainting your property over the weekend.

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